Finish off your Akai/Roberts M7, M8, 770, 990 monoblock tube amp restoration/modification with a compact cover and 19” rack mountable Face Plate!

Make the outside of your modified preamp/amp look as good as your circuit modifications make it sound!

Rear cover is made with .05” thick aluminum sheet in our shop in BC, Canada. Front panel is made from .0625” thick aluminum sheet. The front panel fits over top of the existing face plate and allows you to use the stock ventilation screen (painted black in our photo) and VU Meter. Unfinished and ready for your paint or other finish. Painted versions use an automotive paint (not baked) with a satin finish. 

Prices * all prices US$

Rear cover only, unfinished; $127

Rear cover painted (Dark Green); $147

Complete with Power Cord, Power switched socket, XLR Input Jack, 1/4” Speaker output jack, 1/4” Line input jack (unbalanced), Fuse holder; $220

Blank Face Plate, unfinished; $65

Blank Face Plate, painted (Dark Green); $85



Send an email stating what you’d like to order, along with your name, phone number and complete shipping address. If ordering the face plate, please indicate which stock holes you wish to retain use of. We will email you back an invoice with instructions on how you can pay.

For our stock replacement face plate, we include the holes as shown in the diagram above. When ordering, let us know if you intend on using any of the holes located on the top portion of the layout. Include a photo of your unit if ordering, noting which holes to keep accessible.

Some interesting links showing what folks have done with these preamps. Note, Busby Electronics does not modify these units, our products are manufactured new from scratch.

A nice video of someone’s Akai M8 used as a guitar amp: Click

A Roberts pair of amps used as an analogue sweetener: Click

A link to an article talking about modifications that can be done: click here

Extreme tear down and rebuild at this LINK

NOTE: Busby Electronics Inc is not affiliated with any of the links provided.

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